Nyakweri Ecological Restoration and Preservation Project in Kenya

The Nyakweri Project is a new initiative spearheaded by Samwel Naikada from the Maasai Transmara region of Kenya and Julian Kunnie from the University of Arizona and is geared toward educating people about the dire effects of climate change and global warming on fragile forests like the Nywakweri Forest. It is designed to draw students, academics, researchers, and all persons who are desirous of preserving fragile ecosystems. Under the leadership of Samwel Naikada and other guides, persons visiting will be guided by traditional Maasai practitioners on becoming familiar with the incredibly diverse ecosystem at Nyakweri where birds, animals, plants, trees, insects, humans, and other creatures of the forest co-exist and work collectively to preserve this important area of Africa and the world. Visitors will camp out in the forest and interact with this exciting environment for a month or more. Students are particularly welcome. Researchers will find Nyakweri a fertile context for ongoing work on addressing the crisis of climate change in the world.

Samwel Naikada and Julian Kunnie